The recent article in the ATA Chronicle, “Creating a Marketing Plan” by Tess Whitty, started us thinking about the right marketing plan. The article asked us to define: who are we as a business? Who are our competitors and what distinguishes us from them?

These questions, we believe, are never very far from the minds of our clients. So, we hereby provide our answers.

Interspeak is a leading professional multilanguage service provider who values:

  • Personalized service – clear and direct communication for a team of knowledgeable project managers to ensure that our clients’ needs are being met.
  • Integrity – interpretation done by disciplined interpreters who abide by strict codes of ethics.
  • Accuracy – translations done by accredited translators who are subject matter experts in their field.

There is no doubt that we share these values with our clients. So, when considering a multilanguage collaborative partner, rest assured that having Interspeak in your corner will not only set you apart, but help you impress your own clients and attract new ones.

Let us stand on your side!